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Y'all, remembering fondly my 2015 trip and wanting to experience some hot summer nights*, I'll be in New York City for Labor Day -- ping me if you want to meet up, that is: leave your contact details in the comments (screened) or mail me at my handle at gmail dot com. ♥

* The Bay has summer nights so cold I for one need a down jacket.
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Yes, Ghostbusters (2016) is even better in 3D...but not because of the CGI ghosts, but because in a more plastic medium, you capture even more nuance in Abby's, Erin's, Patty's, and Jillian's faces; their expressions and reactions are fantastic.

Also, it occurred to me that I'm not in love with Holtzmann (German spelling!) but I love her -- I love that she gets to be so unapologetically herself; that she is here and queer and weird: Yes, there are a few lesbian and bisexual characters left on television who survived the ruthless culling of 2k16 by writers and producers. But they all tend to be conventionally good-looking and very female-coded: long-haired and groomed* with perfect make-up and well-fitting clothing that accentuates their bodies. Holtzmann does have longish hair, but we wouldn't really know, would we, as she pulls it back it messy buns and sideswipes and such -- all the women except Erin in fact have Sensible Haircuts, and again it just makes me wiggle in joy. I'd be happy with Patty having More Hair, but her cornrows make so much sense especially given that, well, their ghostbusting won't exactly freshen them up.

We did get some neurodiversity in other female and queer characters like my beloved Sameen Shaw on Person of Interest, it's true, but since in societal interaction she can (and in fact generally has to) fake being Normal, I feel it's a different story, and not this glorious weirdness.

* Kudos to Eliza Taylor from The 100 on that front, though: I love her for this tweet alone.
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Because I know some of you will do too (if for different reasons):

[personal profile] beatrice_otter writes a perfect primer on corsets and undergarments.
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Clearly watching Stranger Things on Netflix makes my brain develop in certain directions when reading my morning The Guardian and clicking on links about videos regarding marine wildlife:

This is how a horror movie starts, y'all

In the same vein, non-spoilery verdict on Stranger Things: Well done and exceedingly clever, but ultimately uncaring about the series' female characters. I think coming from the highs that were the new Star Wars and oh, God, Ghostbusters ♥ Stranger Things left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. More later!
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No, I didn't found it -- I don't have a lot of energy for building fandom these days, what with my job and my health coming first.

[community profile] pokestop

But I'll be happy to contribute! Will be posting some tips and tricks and charts there, methinks; can't imagine that the majority of folks reading this journal are interested in the details of how exactly to evolve your Wartortle, or how to effectively stack a Pokémon Gym with your squad and no other Team around, or how to level up on your own like there's no tomorrow.

Psst --

Jul. 23rd, 2016 10:35 pm
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I cracked up at your Arches National Park postcard; it reminded me of completely overrun vistas around, say, Half-Dome at Yosemite. ;) Thank you!
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New default Team Valor / Pokéball icon! Feel free to use, but credit not me but the wallpaper maker, Mitchelltran, who made the Team Valor wallpapers -- haven't found him anywhere else on the web, which is sad; this is a conceptually cool rendition.

Also, if you don't realize how far gone I am in this Pokéfandom...Pokédom? Fanédom? I'll re-post a conversation I had with my friend Kay about Friday Night's bar-hopping with a buddy:
I had two reasons for going to The Graduate:
1. It's a Dive Bar; Nick loves dive bars.
2. It's the site of a Pokémon Gym AND has good wifi.

You should leave that as a Yelp review.
Poor Nick, having only 75% of my attention last night. He hasn't even downloaded the game yet, in spite of being the biggest geek and also a software engineer.
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Or rather: I have several problems, but this one's hitting my addictive personality. Hard. For years and years I haven't thought about it -- opiates? Sure, I stop taking this generous prescription of oxycodone few days after the accident and oral surgeries as soon the pain has dropped below "unbearable". Alcohol? No problem; I stop drinking wine after two glasses, and I don't drink every day (or even every other day). Gambling? Fine to toss a few dollars in for the roulette table and then simply walk away without regrets.


Mona and Pokémon GO )

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I'm avoiding the term "Independence Day" because frankly, I'm feeling the post-Brexit Blues -- what can we each of us do about the rise (and lies) of populism, nationalism, and racism? But today, today I'm glad for my US friends and for everything that's beautiful in this country, and culturally primed to love bar-B-Q-ing food and drinking alcohol with my nearest and dearest. No fireworks for me; these are the golden hills of California, read: dry like tinder.

Speaking of my nearest and dearest, they actually managed to remember it's Steve Rogers' birthday :P and all dressed accordingly, while yours truly left her own two (!) Captain America t-shirts at home:

Happy 4th from the Mountains of Santa Cruz! [Pic under the cut] )

PS: I'm not looking quite restored yet, anyway, so it's probably for the better that I'm not joining the squad here (yes, [personal profile] ascian does wear a Captain America shirt too; it's just black-on-gray: Stealth!Steve).

PPS: A. also gave me a present for this day! Check it out; it is highly relevant to all Steve fans, Natasha fans, and Steve/Natasha fans. :)
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1. Underground

First, [personal profile] frayadjacent has vidded WGN's Underground, and whoa, shivers down my spine once more:

vid: freedom (underground 2016)

Second, while it's been available online on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon, Underground Season One hits DVD and will be available for purchase on Tuesday, June 14, 2016. That's tomorrow, y'all, to hold the best new show on television in your hands.

2. Wynonna Earp

This little SyFy supernatural Western has really grown on me, 100% due to the Earp sisters and Agent *spoiler* Dolls. As I mentioned, one scene set off [personal profile] lierdumoa when we watched Wynonna Earp together; we've now seen some Watsonian explanation, and I for one cannot wait how they resolve that storyline.

In any case, [personal profile] alethia has been reviewing the show, and here's her last one -- with some of my commentary, plus some speculation. Join in.

3. Anna Torv - Secret City

Thanks to my darling [personal profile] elfin I learned that not only is Anna Torv in a new show, she is the. Actual. Lead. More than we could say about Season Five of Fringe.

If you want to see how incandescent Anna Torv still is in Secret City, check her out in Elfin's blog.

And if you want to watch the show -- well, hit me up, and read Elfin's warning for the season opener.


Jun. 12th, 2016 12:31 pm
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I've been thinking about grace, lately.

The accident in Portland was terrible, and I've been struggling over two weeks now with my health insurance, network, three "care" providers, and two dentists to obtain functioning teeth -- to no avail.

But it's also brought into stark relief how good people have been to me: How from the moment my face hit the gravel, people have been there for me, taking me by the hand and extending their help: So much, so many )
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Had a good, restful, healing Sunday, and the afternoon saw [personal profile] ascian and [personal profile] sleipnirrr plus Li'l D show up with some love and a trip to the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, followed by Salvadorean food at Platano (arepas are a favorite of mine) and a trip to the drugstore for oodles of bandages. Yes. Oodles. That's the technical term.

Speaking of words, let's round up some more:

Captain America: Civil War - ships, relation- and friend- both )

If you have fanfic recommendations for #1, #2, or #5, please share in the comments!
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Unfortunately, for now, that's the superantihero both my upper lip and both my hands are trying to emulate: I managed to not pay attention while biking downhill on d.irge's cross bike; I braked too hard with my left hand; and the rest is history in the Emergency Room of the Providence Hospital in Portland, the Emergency Dental Clinic nearby, and also the First Aid isles of various supermarkets around town.

I will spare you photos, but I won't spare you the sorry details )
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My friends, no matter how incompetent you may feel about Real Life, trust me when I say you are still beating me by a mile:

I just had the most awkward 7-minute phone conversation with a Midwestern customer rep of a bathroom fixture company -- the company that d.irge had install her shower. Because damn if I could figure out how to switch the water stream from faucet to showerhead on my own.

(To my defense, I once broke that same mechanism in a New York Upper West Side apartment where I was visiting a work buddy of mine...the look on his and his wife's faces discouraged me from ever pulling hard at unknown nubs sticking out of shower walls and faucets.)


May. 26th, 2016 11:11 am
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You guys, I know it's one of the White Hipster Havens, and I'm totally just European, but...I hella love Portland, and I'll be there over Memorial Day weekend starting from tonight --

Ping me if you're in or near Portland and have free time. (I had scheduled time with d.irge and am staying at her place not far from Downtown.)

Comments are screened!
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Y'all, let's talk a bit more about The Imperial Radch Trilogy by Ann Leckie - Ancillary Justice, Ancillary Sword, Ancillary Mercy

It's my new sci-fi beloved that at times really felt like it was written for me, just for meee. As a reviewer below notes, Leckie really stuck the landing: All the powerful parts of Justice and all the necessary parts of Sword came together in a tense, character-driven, unexpectedly hilarious, political yet deeply person-al Mercy. I've briefly chatted about it earlier, of course. Here's other commentary I highly recommend:

:: A Shining Light for Space Opera

:: Oh, the Humanity - A mind-bending, award-winning science fiction trilogy that expertly investigates the way we live now.

:: And I can't help but share the blog squeeview to end all blog squeeviews on Ancillary Mercy, and the overall ending. I subscribed to the author on the strength of her short but succinct take on the trilogy. :P

(Also, Raven may not be a bad icon to use here.)
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Two brief tumblr links to my babblings, not because I made them there but because I bounced some thoughts off folks over yonder:

1. What do YOU think about Ernestine and August as per their last scene shown in WGN's Underground?

2. I've also today finished Ancillary Mercy and I LOVE IT SO MUCH Y'ALL I CANNOT STAND IT. I love Breq; I have come to cherish Seivarden (?!) and I'm totally up for all the Translator Zeiat and Sphene adventures in all the universe. Watch me continue a thought about why the ending of Mercy was so good here.

Feel free to comment here and not do whatever facsimile of commenting tumblr has installed today! *bright smile*


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