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Signal Boost #1:

Sonoma County CA separates elderly gay couple and sells their home

Not enough WTF in the world for this.


Signal Boost #2 & 3:

[profile] das_dingsy outlines the latest two Livejournal!FAILs:

a) LJ is still changing your outbound links in your entries (with explanations & links as to why that may matter to you),
b) LJ had a Writer's Block question (or LJ Question Of The Day) that went as follows: ''Regardless of your sexual identity/orientation, would you be upset if a long-term romantic partner neglected to tell you that s/he'd had a sex change operation before you met, and why?'' that was then changed to what if s/he had committed a crime (before reverting back). Which...yeah. 'xactly.


Signal...okay, that doesn't need boosting. It just wants it. I'll do what everybody else has been doing and post the shot seen around the world:

More - photos and story and so much joy - over at [personal profile] crysothemis' in her Report from Vancouver - The Joe and David Show. Best report of a con that I didn't attend ever.

([personal profile] kristen999 has compiled con reports & photo entries here & here.)
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[personal profile] crysothemis shares her experiences - and pics! - with the Flan at LA Con (which, I quote, "means instead of a con report, this is a Joe report.") ♥
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What can I say?


Twelve icons of Joe Flanigan at Vancouver Creation Con )

Yes, he's not wearing The Beard which I'm sure needed an extra pass at ComiCon & :-).
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Before I despair of the world and its ignorant idiots, and also before I got to bed?

Just in case you missed it, Joe Flanigan speaking French: a direct link to the mini promo vid and [ profile] runpunkrun's uploaded file.

Worldly European, I of course don't flail helplessly and say, AJSDKFJASDLFJSDO!1!!FASDFA at that. I merely flail and say, äjsdkfjäsdlfjsö!1!!.

[ profile] the4ts also shares her fantastic, if sadly bearded live photos of him. Not a fan of the beard, but yeah, yeah: its wearer. There are also great photos of the ever-gorgeous-looking Jason Momoa (#529 makes me grin) in [ profile] the4ts's online gallery; her only wish is that you please credit her if you take any.


Dec. 8th, 2008 06:39 pm
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Celebrating the biggest gift I've ever received - and will ever receive, let's face it & ;-) - on livejournal with something that, uh, makes me happy (yet again). But my offer of making my generous friend happy too, it stands!

3 Joe Flanigan icons )

PS: Home from the hospital, too! Things can only get better. I say that every time, man.
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Will be released tomorrow, most likely. In the mean time:

[ profile] tree has a Happy 40th Birthday, Gillian Anderson! picspam post that just - guh. As one of the bloggers said in the comments, she is so gorgeous it sometimes sort of hurts to look at her.

The other celebrity who makes me feel that way is coming up next - or rather, his incarnation. I love John Sheppard a lot more than Joe Flanigan for a million reasons, but either will take my breath away. *rising music*

SGA 5x17 Infection )

I watched The Sarah Connor Chronicles up to TSCC 2x11 now and keep being invested as well as scratching my head. Meta musings )

What say you?
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1. I forgot my newspaper in the office. & :-/ Good thing that for news about certain key issues, I have my flist:

"We don't believe in making it easy for low income women to get birth control, we're still arguing about abortions, and HEAVEN FORFEND we should teach comprehensive sex education in our schools, but we're on board for sterilizing low income women [...]"

2. We've heard a lot of talk about the upcoming US election & the choice -- oh hi thar irony! -- of Palin. Marianne Schnall has listened to a few female voices and repeated the question, what do women want? She got answers from the following:

Isabel Allende. Joan Blades. Eve Ensler. Melissa Etheridge. Gloria Feldt. Kim Gandy. Elizabeth Lesser. Courtney Martin. Kathy Najimy. Amy Richards. Deborah Siegel. Eleanor Smeal. Gloria Steinem. Loung Ung. Alice Walker. Jody Williams. Marie Wilson.

3. John Sheppard makes me happy. Or more precisely, this fellow fan on [ profile] sheppard_daily made my evening after I came home late again. Click the image for a veritable John-a-palooza:

Now if only they were high-res. /image snob Also, the font is called "Local Girl Uneven." Yes, that cracks me up, in context.
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I was frantically searching the place for my compilation DVD of the JFlan œuvre* to watch during -- new and expanded, sigh -- exercises and finally found it. Let me share with you how I had labelled it under the cut. )

* [ profile] thingswithwings: "Now there's a proper term for it...."
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Home from [ profile] witchsis's birthday party, where I talked to music teachers and consultants, sociologists and fair-trade-goods-selling parents...and only belatedly realised the last train was leaving soon.

On the train, I met an old man ... )

Also, I wish to show around the icon I just created, stealing this straight from [ profile] sheafrotherdon's post that displays the original image:
[...] photographer John Russo has launched his [About Face] project - head and shoulders shots of various celebrities in natural light. Including Joe Flanigan.
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Not a very productive day, so let me cap it with a photo taken on the SGA set, spoilery for the S4 Finale, featuring my favourite:

Pic! )
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Turned in the dictaphone cassette tapes containing my weekend's work and then sat in a meeting with my supervisor and two colleagues for what felt like ages--interesting but surprisingly exhausting; or maybe that's from the little cold that's been circling me, forcing me to fend it off with lots of oranges. Was much perkier due to wearing my new Christmas gift blouse with the black pin-striped suit (this is not quite it, and I only wish it were non-iron, but close enough).

Mostly, I'm posting to complain that it only takes two (2) livejournal posts about the upcoming second X-Files movie (*squee*) to make me dream about both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, who I hung out and chatted with for pretty much the duration of the dream, whereas I've been staring longingly at Joe Flanigan in films as well as on photos and my tv screen for three years now without ever once having him enter my nightly subconscious.
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What do you say, insomnia is good for something. Result:

Six Joe Flanigan icons from Armageddon Expo in Melbourne. )

[ profile] wraithfodder collected links to con reports; I didn't check but highly recommend the ones I've seen, this & that one, to SGA viewers.
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* Don't use the "track messages" function on this new fave SGA story unless you really want to find 73 new messages in your inbox when you're just starting to kick back and relax and that time happens to be significantly after midnight.

* Do post if you have something on your mind before you either forget or lack time-slash-energy. I made this awesome Swiss? German? Austrian? *Vaguely Germanic* Kind of Tomato-Leek-Cheese Soup, and also Vegan Ginger Almond Coconut Muffins (no eggs, almost no flour, and no, I'm totally not vegan; I'm just vegan-curious) but never got around to my usual pics, thoughts, and recipe offers.

* Don't be like me and sink into a brief state of angry fugue upon the acquittal of Lt. Col. Jordan as all-too-representative of what happens when you're not a low-ranking soldier abusing but among the ones creating the hateful climate all the way up to Rumsfeld.

* Do tell if there are outwardly anti-gay male Republicans left who don't solicit other men in public toilets/airport bathrooms, please? I read my -- respectable, most lauded, and all around awesome -- newspaper all the way through today and, in a right-hand column, found out about the Representative from Idaho. (Corollary: Boy, those undercover cops are everywhere these days, and obviously lookin' mighty fine. Or maybe the term "agent provocateur" is more appropriate.)

* Don't tell me that Joe Flanigan could get any cuter if he tried. I won't believe you.


May. 25th, 2007 02:57 pm
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I totally blame these on [ profile] yin_again.


5 *First Monday* icons )
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Let's be honest: Every icon day in my journal is a Joe Flanigan icon day, but it was his birthday yesterday, and while I missed [ profile] tx_tart's big compilation of all JF Birthday Contributions (if not [ profile] sheafrotherdon's JF Picspam of 419 comments), I don't want you to miss out on the pretty:

8 x JF )

As you can see, I went with a lighter style in five of these. Feel free to tell me how the contrast/colours look.


Mar. 23rd, 2006 01:35 am
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Thoughtcrimes? Call me biased, but I think it's not a bad movie, really -- who's the actress? Quite cool. And, of course, JF, who was once again not only allowed to carry a weapon but, whoa, competent with it.

Mostly. there fanfic?
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Wow, I'm cheerful these days.

So, without further lament:

If you like to state your opinion with just one click (and who doesn't?) --
[ profile] st_salieri is conducting a cool BtVS poll. [ profile] soundingsea is conducting an even cooler one. *eg* [ profile] trinityofone has a few questions about John, Rodney, and sex.

[ profile] witling is writing a terrifying terrific Jack/Vaughn multi-chapter story for me -- there was chocolate involved in the deal, but hush -- so if you like your fic dark and compelling, head over there.

Also, brief notes on stuff I managed to watch:

BOP guest starring Joe Flanigan )

SGA 2x16/17, plus the S5/6 Rodney eps )


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