Dec. 4th, 2016 01:24 pm
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When the suggestion came up that our department participate in donating our time to the community, I jumped at the chance: This was about a West Oakland school, about local kids of color and their education in what the school called the McClymonds Day of Service and Celebration.

Community & Service )
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Feeling a little under the weather, but that could just be a pretty active Friday: swimming for an hour in the morning; meeting my friend A. (the one from the barely-dripping waterfall in the Santa Cruz Mountains with the Manic Pixie Dream Boys) for chai in my neighborhood; going to Downtown Berkeley for a catch-up with [personal profile] cofax7 and ultimately as organized by her a Vienna Teng concert at the legendary ;) Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse -- a benefit for the Citizens' Climate Lobby, which is pretty much what it says on the tin; looks like an org worth checking out.

And of course Vienna Teng's worth checking out. She's delightful in person, connecting so well with her audience, and stating with an almost-straight face that she would now perform "a perky little song about failed climate negotiations."
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This is my first post; it's a reminder to myself and a baseline for the second post.

Five good things )
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I'm avoiding the term "Independence Day" because frankly, I'm feeling the post-Brexit Blues -- what can we each of us do about the rise (and lies) of populism, nationalism, and racism? But today, today I'm glad for my US friends and for everything that's beautiful in this country, and culturally primed to love bar-B-Q-ing food and drinking alcohol with my nearest and dearest. No fireworks for me; these are the golden hills of California, read: dry like tinder.

Speaking of my nearest and dearest, they actually managed to remember it's Steve Rogers' birthday :P and all dressed accordingly, while yours truly left her own two (!) Captain America t-shirts at home:

Happy 4th from the Mountains of Santa Cruz! [Pic under the cut] )

PS: I'm not looking quite restored yet, anyway, so it's probably for the better that I'm not joining the squad here (yes, [personal profile] ascian does wear a Captain America shirt too; it's just black-on-gray: Stealth!Steve).

PPS: A. also gave me a present for this day! Check it out; it is highly relevant to all Steve fans, Natasha fans, and Steve/Natasha fans. :)
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Unfortunately, for now, that's the superantihero both my upper lip and both my hands are trying to emulate: I managed to not pay attention while biking downhill on d.irge's cross bike; I braked too hard with my left hand; and the rest is history in the Emergency Room of the Providence Hospital in Portland, the Emergency Dental Clinic nearby, and also the First Aid isles of various supermarkets around town.

I will spare you photos, but I won't spare you the sorry details )
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My friends, no matter how incompetent you may feel about Real Life, trust me when I say you are still beating me by a mile:

I just had the most awkward 7-minute phone conversation with a Midwestern customer rep of a bathroom fixture company -- the company that d.irge had install her shower. Because damn if I could figure out how to switch the water stream from faucet to showerhead on my own.

(To my defense, I once broke that same mechanism in a New York Upper West Side apartment where I was visiting a work buddy of mine...the look on his and his wife's faces discouraged me from ever pulling hard at unknown nubs sticking out of shower walls and faucets.)
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Hat-tip to [personal profile] thebratqueen, who liked my first pun penned on way to the Farmers' Market, and to [personal profile] samjohnsson who liked my second pun (Twitter). You are who keeps me screaming into the void.


It's not just words, of course! There's also curated picspam. If you're into Star Wars or cats (and I have a feeling some folks might be) have some recent offerings in my Instagram feed.


Okay, so I wanted to keep y'all updated...but perhaps also showcase my Chrisjen Avasarala icon made by the talented [profile] queen_bartonia. The Expanse has not been good with regard to women in its first season -- inquire within -- but among the few, the happy few, she's been shining.


Jan. 26th, 2016 08:22 pm
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As it turns out, when I'm desperately waiting for my time-slot with the boss and not able to start any new task, I tell the world what I think about User Experiences, Space Planning, and idiotic design choices that don't deserve capital letters.


Similarly, I realized that I don't have a drinking problem.

I have a not!drinking problem.

Let me show you why )


Usually I would say, "Before I forget," but let's face it, I will never forget that night. Ever. Sally and I went to the Cheesemonger Invitational in the Mission in San Francisco. Now, if you wonder, what on Earth is the Cheesemonger Invitational, worry not! Sally has done cheesy write-up.

(This is me there (IG pic).)
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My sister kindly reminded me that folks are waiting with bated breath for the continuation my Lady of the Flies saga, and the happy (if slightly bloodthirsty) truth is that they're gone! Details make the flies get owned )

Second good thing -- Agent Carter is back, and if I hadn't left at 7am for work and returned after 9pm, I probably would have commented a little. But this way, at least there's nothing spoilery yet here; I'll check out y'all's reviews tomorrow.
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I spent the last week at Conference No. 1 in Las Vegas. 'twas good; I met old acquaintances and new professionals. There were also poolside meetups, penthouse drinks, Downtown strolls, and a Fedora-wearing startupper trying to teach me how to gamble at Aria. She was pretty good at BlackJack, too, and so was my friend's import-export boyfriend with the high-rise apartment plus pool regarding Roulette...until 8am in the morning (not for me; I left at 3am).

Next week I'll be at Conference No. 2. It'll be an interesting time, for sure: My team, four people, will be crammed into a house with one of our consultants. Each of us is a talker. I can't decide whether to bring more wine, or have less of the bottles said colleagues and consultants will undoubtedly bring.

But, yeah -- this weekend between Conference No. 1 and 2 was spent holed up at home with Netflix, and all I did was go for a swim and a run. And, well -- I made a Summer Peach Pie!
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So what have you been up to?

Socializing in big spurts* and small trickles**; navigating the waters of my job and its immigration implications; adulting with the pace of a turtle that has asthma and is missing a leg.

* This weekend, I did a Walking Tour of San Francisco with [personal profile] thelastgoodname AND ate Bi-Rite ice-cream in Dolores Park with a new friend AND happened upon a brunch with old tech friends I met on and off since the early 2000s AND organized a limousine ride to wine country that included lavish lunch in Sonoma's El Dorado courtyard and quick photo sessions in a vineyard before limo'ing it back to San Francisco, namely one of my peers' places on the highest hills on Larkin, overlooking the Bay to the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

** Hanging at home and painting my toenails. Also taking baths and doing laundry. Baking (and cooking pudding). Staring woefully at the ceiling and wondering where I went so wrong that I have no friends who love me enough to just drop by (and eat my pudding).

Major life changes? Same old same old?

Minor life changes, I'd say: I've developed key routines and relationships and am on slightly more solid ground now (metaphorically only, as my house will go down with The Big One should it hit San Francisco).

I am planning some great little trips (Mexico City for pleasure, Las Vegas for work) and a holiday time with my beloved sister, too.

What fandom are you in/do you spend most of your time in?

To me, "in fandom" means "significant interaction with other fans", so I guess the answer is that I'm drifting somewhere on the outer edges of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I read some MCU fanfiction. I write Steve, Natasha, Sam, Claire, Matt, Jemma, Skye -- characters I love -- when I can. I blog or tweet or tumble about fannish elements but don't usually see much engagement.

As for the MCU, it's probably not for me: Its het is either badly written and cliché or so rare my index finger is bleeding from all the scrolling. I dislike and avoid the juggernaut slash pairings like people are avoiding Yosemite squirrels at the moment. Femslash is even less common and would really, as an old ljfriend of mine once said, "require more than two horny ladies and a dildo".

The show I am most excited about returning is The 100, but I haven't connected to folks about it that much online -- more so in real life, actually. ([personal profile] cofax7, ping me! :)

I would love to be in and have a Syfy space show fandom, to be honest -- [personal profile] trascendenza and I have been tossing around the idea of a mini-ficathon for both Killjoys and Dark Matter, maybe more fandoms.

Where do you hang out online?

Here on DW; I mirror on LJ. I have a Twitter account and a tumblr -- all the same handle, this same one. Also on Instagram, but that's obviously all Real Life.

What are you reading?

Just finished Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Cycle, and I actually have Thoughts about the oeuvre (it's just that few will like them very much). I downloaded Martha Wells' add-on Tales of the Raksura, and I can't wait to see Moon and Chime and Jade again -- who doesn't love sulky-sweet poly dragonesque shapeshifters?

If you're thinking I'm way into escapism, YOU WOULD BE RIGHT. There's too much reality around me, as I see it.

What are you watching?

All the summer sci-fi shows on Syfy! Killjoys just finished, and kicked ass; I recommend it whole-heartedly. Otherwise...well, I gave up on Teen Wolf, so there is no genre television currently in my queue. I have Orange Is The New Black Lined Up in my Netflix queue but would want some time for that.

What are you making?

Actually made Killjoys icons the other day! Otherwise, mostly baked goods. Or puddings -- did I mention the puddings yet?

I have a few fic ideas percolating in my head -- Dark Matter really needs Two/Android femslash in the worst way; Killjoys could do with some quality Johnny/Fancy (because Fancy is hot, and Johnny has a love/hate thing for him); there's still that Sam/Natasha porn I genuinely only have to put down on paper, finishing the tryptych of permutations of my Winter Soldier favorites, and I feel I should write the second part of my Matt/Claire, because God knows no one else will give me the hottest pairing on television, and certainly not with tropes like Undercover In A Bar.

What are you squeeing about today?

My prescription opioids make me euphoric, so EVERYTHING! :D No worries, gentle readers, though; the downsides of opioids are so, well, down- and side-y that I would never take them beyond the 24 hours required to kill my regularly scheduled excruciating pain.

If you could rope old fandom friends into a new fandom, it would be...


MCU: I would want more good writers like youuu to be into the pairings that I am into: MATT/CLAIRE (hot like burning), Sam/Steve, Steve/Natasha, Bobbi/every girl on SHIELD. :)

Killjoys, you guys. Watch Killjoys and write me some Johnny/Dutch, or Johnny/Fancy? (I will also take Two/Android on Dark Matter. Robot femslash, there's not enough of it. Actually, I will take Two/ANYBODY but Three. Mmh. Yeah.)

I should really watch/read/dive into _______ and then come talk to you about it!

Seems I already did this in the above. *g*

Tell you what; what do you want me to talk more about?
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I used to consider just put the following into my blog bio: "If it's on Stuff White People Like, I (i) have either done it, (ii) want to do it, or (iii) am currently in the process of doing it."

Of course, now that's outdated. STILL TRUE, THOUGH. As I realized today in the neighborhood cycle store, talking about strapping a bike to the back of my Prius, my trips to wine country, and idly wondering about where to source my next fix of organic goat cheese.

This is brought to you by the last week's events, namely Sandra Bland's death in police custody. My idle musings on a random morning are probably not the musings of the Black men and now women around me; I spent the last two days just listening to my friend H., who was shaken...not in a sudden realization that could have been her (it could) but in a straw-that-broke-the-camel's back way. She said that she forces herself to believe we are just seeing the brutality that has always been there in the United States; that it is not more: just more visible.


Now I'm waiting for a new friend that I met while hiking in Castle Rock Park in the Santa Cruz mountains over Fourth of July weekend.

Hiking in Castle Rock -- aptly named! )

I don't know if I mentioned it here, but her sister just stared at me, at her, our rapid-fire conversation tossing around topics, and said, "Oh my God, it's like you are the same person!"

(She's running a little late due to traffic. Saturdays from San Jose to Oakland are rough.)


Tonight, I'm doing the bucket-list thing of speed-dating: My work wife hounded Groupon-like sites for a while, and eventually found us a deal. We'll be meeting in San Francisco in the evening, do that thing, and eat at a Senegalese place in the Mission that comes recommended.

Tell Me Now

Jul. 5th, 2015 09:39 pm
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Congratulations to the United States Women's National Team! The USWNT have grown even more as a team, since 2011 and throughout the tournament, into worthy champions. Football musings )


Life at work has been...interesting. My work wife and I finally acquired a new boss and more; we then saw our colleague, who felt he could finally take his hat, bid us all adieu. You win some, you lose some? Not just a metaphor! The only constant thing is change, y'all.

Inspired by the recent spikes of interestingness, I decided to take my first day off in 6 months and do the long weekend so common in the USA: Together with d.irge* and her quasi-niece, we went for a 31-mile bicycle ride through Sonoma with wine-tasting and picnic thereafter -- just the three of us with our young grad-student tour guide riding our bikes from Downtown Healdsburg to the Sonoma Overlook. The next morning, I enjoyed a balloon ride over Napa Valley that I recommend to absolutely everybody. Finally I made my way down the Bay to spend the rest of this Fourth of July weekend with [personal profile] ascian, husband, and Li'l D, which included doing a Silicon Valley get-together to watch the football finale. <3 I think the only low point, literally, was Li'l D (featured prominently in my Instagram account) taking a tumble down the front door steps earlier today; thankfully he seemed still scraped up but in good spirits by nighttime.

* Whom I met in BtVS fandom but have known for long years now, and who has in fact met my parents and stayed at our house.


I don't want to talk about Greece. In fact I think I can't.
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Since some of you read this for real life:

No worries; I've also been feeling more chipper lately, what with key changes at work, and some cheerful happenings in real life --

as always, my last five Instagram posts tell you something about my latest activities in San Francisco. :)
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In case you thought the self-indulgence was over:

Than Our Gentle Sin (3528 words) by monanotlisa
Fandom: Daredevil (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Matt Murdock/Claire Temple
Summary: Claire thought she could walk away from --

well, from most of it.

As always, R&, wait Forget the review; just write me some Claire/Matt. The pairing's way too obscure for a big-time hit Netflix show, which is startling given how scorching hot Rosario Dawson and Charlie Cox are together on screen.

There's actually a new Claire/Matt vid, if you want a preview? Because it's not a pairing if fandom hasn't vidded it to Snow Patrol. IT IS KNOWN.

(If you think to yourself, Wow, that's a ton of fic from someone who couldn't be bothered to pen even some responses to, like, the Holiday 2014 Meme. And you're right, and it's only the usual external framework that made me do it: Remix Redux 15: The Dirty Dozen closed its sign-ups *checks clock* exactly 32 minutes ago, and I wanted to qualify in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I guess that means I'm an MCU fan now?)

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Yesterday, I was driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, toward Marin County to the north of the Bay in the last light of dusk, and it struck me that I've come so far: sitting in my own beloved hybrid car, going from a mid-day barbecue with school friends in the Mission District of San Francisco to an evening house boat birthday of a professional pal in Sausalito before driving home to the beautiful home where I live in the East Bay. The sun is shining, as it's wont to be out here in the East Bay, and illuminating this sweet, quiet dining room.

This is not to say life is perfect. I still struggle with large-scale developments at my workplace that are not about me but affect me directly...up to and including my ability to stay in the United States. I still wish -- rather desperately too -- for more time with my closest friends, my sister. I still wish I were completely healthy; it's a constant bummer to structure every decision around my physical and mental limitations.

I also struggle with all the Facebook posts portraying others' lives as so much more beautiful and happy, but dude, don't we all. I'm totally part of the problem, not the solution on The Social Network, but I've vowed to post more here, where posts are a lot more honest, multi-faceted, and real -- real as in "meaningful," not necessarily as in "meatspace."

(Bonus Clarke/Lexa icon, because I tried to get one of my more more media-oriented queer Berkeley girls to watch The 100. Think I'll pitch the show to her again tonight; IT IS AFTER ALL ON TEH NETFLIX.)
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So. Let's find out how it is to run a 5k on opioids!

My female reproductive system is a dick, so to speak )

UPDATE -- run was great! :) No problem at all; could've kept going for another 5k. Running talk )

Have a panorama shot from Thursday's training run, though (click for full-size):

 photo IMG_4610_zps57fb7299.jpg

California. I love it.
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1. Swam across a bay & back today. Admittedly, it was a small one, but still -- it's not straightforward paddling across a part of the ocean; the waves let even my swimmer self struggle a little.

2. If you come to Sydney, you too should have High Tea at the Park Hyatt. It's good, the gluten-free option for sure, and the view is breathtaking in the sunshine.

3. After yesterday's excellent evening with [personal profile] the_grynne and [personal profile] calculare, I met up with [personal profile] tielan today, and we talked life & fandom both. David Boreanaz' facial expressions! Maria Hill being a pragmatic badass! Natasha Romanova and her moral compass!

4. FEAR NOT; I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN THE DECEMBER MEME. Not unexpectedly, it will stretch into January.

5. Although there was no mention of her in our Agents of SHIELD chat, I just had to make that Mockingbird icon. My sexual orientation for the foreseeable future will be "Bobbi Morse."


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