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Dear diary, today I realized only upon arrival at the pool that I had forgotten my bathing suit...but live two miles away all the way down the hill and have only a bike.

So I swam in my underwear. Bless the Anything Goes! trend for bikinis. (Or something that looks like one in the low light of the burned-out lamp by the poolside.)
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I finished the December (Talking) Meme.

A roundup can be found here in the -- edited -- original post.

The individual entries can be accessed via my "meme" tag.
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Fall has come. (Please don't bring the A Song of Ice and Fire slogan up quite yet.)

I'm feeling more sleepy -- not bone-tired or even sad, just more sedate. The lack of light affects me, but I'm not complaining; I already moved from my slice of Germany with its 1400 hours of sunlight per year to a place with more than double -- Berkeley, at 3000 hours.


Obviously, I'm always baking -- yesterday, with the other leftover German in my Master's program, we did cinnamon-apple muffins with a dash of almond -- but now I'm definitely feeling the love for sweetness warm out of the oven.

Warm being the operative word: My main issue with the Bay Area in fall and winter is not the lack of light, or the rain when it comes thundering down; it's the fact it's impossible here to maintain same level of warmth. People tend to be astounded when I tell them I'm rarely ever cold in Germany: For one, Germans dress pragmatically, that is, matching their clothing to the the current outside temperatures. Obviously this I can do. But the houses in this place are badly insulated, single-pane glass windows and thin wood structures, and the heating systems are outdated and inefficient. I understand there are many factors at play, economic and social and geographic, but that doesn't change the effect that the only times I've ever wanted to be somewhere else since July 2012 is the fall and winter season.

But yes, baking. I've had some pumpkin pies (and soups too) on my mind, for a reason: There's pumpkin-carving scheduled for this afternoon, with Chris and Zee here at my house -- three big, beautiful, brightly orange pumpkins are sitting and waiting for us in the garden.


With the BART strike, however, things are not looking good. She can't make it here; we can't make it there via public transport with three huge pumpkins. Zee could drive across the Bay Bridge, of course, to her place in the Castro, but we'd be joining roughly 999,999 folks on the road this Sunday. Currently waiting for the boy to get back to me.

That said, I'm pro-labor, always; I support the right to strike even in public service and infrastructure operations. All I want is proper, prior notice, and at least in the end they gave us just that.
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Been staying in despite an invitation for free drinks and even freer queer academics in the City. But this was a long week of work and conferencing, the latter thoroughly disappointing, not to mention that it involved staying the night before with a friend in Silicon Valley who is wonderful but who has family that partially slept in the same room and got up at 6:30am in the morning.

Still, just under the wire -- hope y'all have had a good National Coming Out Day. (One of these I will bore the world with my thoughts on it.)
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Bay Area peeps -- can someone explain to me what's going on with BART & Caltrain Southbound from the City to the Valley?

I mean right now, Wednesday and Thursday -- not from Friday (with its possible strike).

Their websites sure don't mention that (or why) services are not running, but tells me there ain't no trains.
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I'm both Sheppard and McKay in the icon tomorrow: work --> professional event in the City --> celebration of having found work in her home in the Castro with Chris & a bottle of captivating Syrah Rose that d.irge got us on Sonoma Square after our tasting.



Still loving The Good Wife, falling in love with the characters and the crazy of Sleepy Hollow. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has Melinda May and Jossian quips, and therefore has me...and Brooklyn 99 is making me laugh (and also the perfect length to watch while preparing food).

Speaking of, today on my commute back my fellow passengers on BART must have been ready to call the men in the white coats because I was giggling so hard at these reviews by Genevieve Valentine over on io9 on Sleepy Hollow:

1x01: Here's why you should be watching Sleepy Hollow right now
The thing is – and I get it – this is a hard show to take on faith. The pitch is, “She’s a skeptical but driven law enforcement officer with a secret past, he’s a superstitious dude from another era who makes sarcastic jokes about things these days, and together they try to solve occult crimes that are genuinely creepy except for the laugh-out-loud cheesy parts!” That’s a show that has committed to everything, all at once! That’s an impossible pitch! (That’s essentially the pitch for The X-Files! We’ll come back to this.)

1x02: This Week, Sleepy Hollow Gets a Batcave!

1x03: Sleepy Hollow Is a Shirtless Nightmare This Week

I just love smart, snarky, deadpan recappers with perfect pictorial illustrations. (Though I guess all illustrations are pictorial. Ah, well.)

Folsom! <3

Sep. 29th, 2013 10:37 pm
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Good day.

One of the things I'd failed to account for is the community aspect of Folsom or, I'd hazard, any kink gathering, and that's easily the best one of 'em all. I'd been wondering whether I would feel shocked, or lost at sea -- a sea of cocks and balls, make no mistake -- but I didn't, not for a second. Folsom '13 musings, not particularly graphic, but conceptually kinky. )


Sep. 29th, 2013 01:19 pm
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About to go volunteer at Folsom. Since my roommate is a Horse Person, I can even take a riding crop!

(I was promised free food, free massages, and the warm glow of knowing 100% of the proceeds of the merchandise I sell go into Bay Area QUILTBAG, feminist, immigrant, & otherwise socially oriented charities.)
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Greetings from One-Two-Three Embarcadero! I have talked before about San Francisco's POPOS, right -- privately-owned public open spaces. If you come or live here, they're well worth integrating into your life (says the girl sitting in a pretty rooftop garden with free wi-fi).

I got up at 7am to go to a professional association lecture at 8:30am here, and will attend another school-sponsored tech event at City Hall later in the afternoon, so there's no use going back to the East Bay. But since I just learned tv seasons are finishing as well as starting --

can anyone give me the scoop on Dexter? Should I go and watch this last season? I left after the finale last year, disgusted; see the tag at the bottom of this post.
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1. I do love swimming, and the main university pool is well within reach. Just, having more H2O molecules than people in the water would probably make it a much more pleasant experience. Fall term is cramping my freestyle.

2. So color-coordinated today, y'all: gray flowing dress, striped-gray flip-flops, and by some fashion-freaky coincidence my bra straps match perfectly too. This usually only ever happens to other people (and by "happen" I mean that they work for it by going shopping with a plan, and possible color samples).

3. Still crushing on that prof o'mine. She wrote me back swiftly after I'd sent her a mail yesterday, and just reading her words made something in my chest flutter. After she returns from sabbatical!travel, we'll go for coffee. Smart is sexy -- though the latter's not the reason I'm meeting up with her.

4. You know what would be nice? Not getting your "repaired" computer back from Apple with even less battery power. Now I have 2 hours left on a charge. This renders this Macbook Air from one (!) year ago essentially useless for travel (which is what I also got it for, given my crushed spine and physical inability to carry anything heavy).

5. You know what is nice, however? Enjoying a genuinely warm day and being invited for a queer little mixer in a garden by a creek in a North Berkeley home hosted by one of the best-looking dudes in the (generally super-attractive) school. The kids will head out to the Castro afterward; public transport is running all night due to the Bay Bridge closure. Labor Day Weekend clearly a-go.
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Alive, but frustrated.

Which totally sums up 74.5% of humanity, I know. )

My friends here have been my my anchors and ports-in-the-storm, though, and for that I'm thankful. I've just finished cuddling A&R's baby boy and putting him into a diaper; we'll be heading out for lunch, supplies, and a spot of hiking in the Santa Cruz mountains. On my East Bay home turf, [personal profile] thelastgoodname and I hit the Paramount in Oakland for a screening of North by Northwest (because both of us only had one Hitchcock film under our belt up to that). In the City, I've had the chance to meet up with [personal profile] vaznetti, visiting over the summer, and [personal profile] cofax7 too -- to be repeated. And of course I have my "leftovers" from last year, my Danish and Georgian, Korean and Chinese and Brazilian friends and classmates.

Everything is going to be okay. Eventually.
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Thanks to [personal profile] sleipnirrr, I have a computer until my pricey silver paperweight comes back from the Apple Store. Geeky details )
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Time to talk about real life for just a moment.

The last two days, [personal profile] hesychasm and her husband were in the Bay Area, all of us spending the night at my humble abode (with the hardwood floors and the lemon tree in the garden, yes) and the day in San Francisco with the lovely [personal profile] cofax7 and [personal profile] laurashapiro: from the Ferry Building to the Castro, from the Castro -- ahoy to those two naked trim dudes one of whom was wearing only a glittery-golden penis sheath -- to the Mission via the usual suspects for geeks in this area: Dolores Park, Paxton Gate, and the new-to-me Pirate Store (closed until September 1st, though) and ending at a favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican at 24th.

Now Jintian & he are off to wine country just an hour or so to the North, and I too wish I were there. But no further rest for the wicked: There are things to do here, mostly involving my future livelihood. Keep your fingers crossed for that, if you will. ♥
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...and without any negative aftereffects. Tired now, it's true, but in the afternoon I went to the gym for my usual hour of exercises, and then out to the movies in the evening.

Good thing in any case that Zee gave me a ride, dropped me off & picked me up again (and brought me roasted salmon on gluten-free bread from the Berkeley Bowl too, plus salad and tea afterward) because I had to give his name and number to the receptionist at the beginning, and they did call him. Whoa.


Aug. 6th, 2013 12:39 pm
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Currently preparing for some minor procedure at a clinic in Oakland tomorrow. This is not TMI, but it is cut for your convenience. )

Vaguely related (see the "health" tag) I've been soapboxing on tumblr, just a little: on spiritually explaining the pain and suffering of others; on mobility and urbanism in the view of disability.
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Off in a little while for a rooftop party with my queer posse here, but since I plan to be more active in not just real life but also in fandom ♥ BECAUSE I MISS TALKING TO Y'ALL, here's my game plan for the following weeks and months:

1. Listen to more Welcome to Night Vale -- I've checked out the first five podcasts, and they are as delightful as a fluffy cloud in the sky! You know, like one that's actually fluffy: quivering delicately before wafting closer to engulf you in what may be fur, or hair, or...

2. Watch Orange Is The New Black -- man, every gifset so far has been GOLD! I admit I'm one of the people who back-when watched Hinter Gittern, a German soap about a bunch of women in prison. Was the writing good? Were the storylines brilliant? Ye gods, no. But it was always, always full of women: good ones and bad ones and all those in between, hard-shell-soft-core and the other way 'round. Can't really get much o' that on tv any more these days, even less so in movies.

3. Write some Teen Wolf meta (and also, I promised [personal profile] musesfool a Lydia/Allison fic).

4. See movies again -- on my MUST-GO! list are The Heat and Pacific Rim. One of my cute classmates wants to see the latter; my wannabe-dudebro (but actual sweetheart) pal would be up for either as well, if one of his best friends just flown in from India is up for it.

5. Reading. For fun. Like, finally the signed copy of his latest book that David Sedaris gave me: Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls Yesss. Also got Brown Girl in the Ring on my Kindle. Afterward I'm thinking the books [personal profile] verity gave me when she left the Bay Area...

Any input on the above?

And, bonus no. 6: REWATCH FRINGE. Ain't nothing like seasons 1-4...
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Not only have I made aforementioned muffins and gone to the gym, I've also managed about 10 hours of studying and writing so far. :D

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...that I never should have switched to Apple computers and pads. I'm sure they work for many people; they don't for me.

I thought my sister's Christmas gift iPad dying without me doing anything untoward with it was just bad luck; after two visits to the Apple store they gave me a replacement for what was ultimately just a large potholder at that point. Now, just before the Exam, my life! July 2012 MacBook Air had almost no battery left and kept shutting off, shutting down randomly -- let me tell you, this is not super-fun during a test exam because it makes you lose half of what you've already written. More Apple store visits! I went, they replaced the battery that had blatantly failed the diagnostics test...only hah, all that time and 45 minutes of biking uphill and downhill was in vain, because even now I am still at 3.5 hours fully charged at 100%. Did I mention the exam is 6-7 hours, and they don't guarantee chargers? And that I have to certify the very laptop I'm using, and there is a deadline for that that's next week?

I wish I had invested my money in a good PC laptop -- hell, two good PC laptops.
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I dislike seeing doubled posts -- redundancy, so let's add a bit more information here, shall we?


On a whim, I went and got a pedicure today, asking the lovely lady forced to face my feet for a rainbow of colors on my toes. What the hell; this is the historical 2013 post-DOMA San Francisco Pride -- if I can't do this kind of silly thing here and now, when and where can I?

See, I'm not the kind of person to do things like this, unusual or whimsical. Large leaps are easy, but small steps? Cut for your convenience )


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